Global Water Crisis Facts

For World Water Day 2021, we’ve compiled a list of water facts. We urge you to reflect on these facts with us as we affirm our commitment to doing our part to end the world water crisis for the Maasai people. Access to safe, affordable, and reliable drinking water and sanitation services are [...]

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COVID-19 Impacts on Maasai Mothers & The Rites of Passage Ceremonies

The Maasai Rites of Passage Ceremonies spans geography and time. These highly celebrated ceremonies with unique traditions that last approximately 20 years are greatly honored in the life of a Maasai. It prepares the Maasai warriors (morans) to become men and it teaches them to engage in the decision-making processes in the community [...]

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Maasai Tippy Taps

"The Coronavirus is like a lion, you never know when or where it will come, but we know it is out there and it's deadly. Now we must act quickly to protect the Maasai people by educating our communities about the importance of hand-washing and best hygiene practices as our first act of defense. [...]

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Clean Water For The Maasai, Wildlife & Museum

Save Lives & Safeguard Maasai Culture MCV recently opened the Maasai Heritage Museum in the elephant migration corridor on the outskirts of Amboseli National Park in Kenya. The Museum is an important center for serving the Maasai people. Surrounding the museum is an elementary school, health clinic and 9 traditional Maasai villages. [...]

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Maasai Medicinal Garden

Maasai Medicinal Garden We are excited to introduce our new initiative; a Maasai Medicinal Garden at the Maasai Heritage Museum. We have already broken ground preparing 1 acre of land for planting and our team is busy collecting the most important plants and trees. The Maasai have over 50 medicinal plants species [...]

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2018 Accomplishments

MCV Wishes You A Peaceful Holiday Season! At this joyous time of year, MCV extends our gratitude as we celebrate our accomplishments! We thank you for your generosity in saving lives and joining MCV to uplift Maasai communities. Thanks to you, MCV has made a tremendous impact in 2018. As we conclude 2018, MCV [...]

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Emergency Drought Relief

My Chosen Vessels (MCV) is committed to providing clean water to Maasai families suffering from prolonged droughts and water stressed areas. Since 2012 MCV has been assisting Maasai communities with the water crisis by providing borewells, water distribution systems, emergency drought relief, water filters, and food security. MCV implements all of our programs [...]

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