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Conservation and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples : UN Expert Meeting

MCV attended an international expert group meeting on “Conservation and the rights of indigenous peoples” on January 2019 at the United Nations Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Indigenous peoples play a crucial role in conservation, they are the guardians of the land. However, their custodianship of the environment and their rights to their land [...]

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The Maasai Defend Traditional Knowledge & Land Rights at the United Nations

MCV was honored to once again participate in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights, April 22 - May 3rd, 2019 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. It was empowering to unite with over a thousand indigenous leaders, organizations, and member states to strengthen Indigenous people’s collective rights. Indigenous peoples [...]

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MCV’s Maasai Annual 2018 Conference Report

MCV’s Maasai 2018 Annual Conference Report Shaping the Future of the Maasai: Challenges, Opportunities, and Aspirations My Chosen Vessels hosted a Maasai Conference, Shaping the Future of the Maasai: Challenges, Opportunities, and Aspirations, at Sentrim Lodge in Amboseli, Kenya on March 15, 2018. This full-day event convened Maasai cultural leaders, Non-Governmental [...]

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MCV Thanks Our Partners

MCV thanks our donors, partners & corporate sponsors! Special thanks to the following companies and organizations who have contributed to make MCV humanitarian work possible: MCV thanks Rotary for their continued generous support to provide clean water and sanitation to the Maasai people in Kenya through various clubs. Visit [...]

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2018 Accomplishments

MCV Wishes You A Peaceful Holiday Season! At this joyous time of year, MCV extends our gratitude as we celebrate our accomplishments! We thank you for your generosity in saving lives and joining MCV to uplift Maasai communities. Thanks to you, MCV has made a tremendous impact in 2018. As we conclude 2018, MCV [...]

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Emergency Drought Relief

My Chosen Vessels (MCV) is committed to providing clean water to Maasai families suffering from prolonged droughts and water stressed areas. Since 2012 MCV has been assisting Maasai communities with the water crisis by providing borewells, water distribution systems, emergency drought relief, water filters, and food security. MCV implements all of our programs [...]

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Love Story Becomes Widespread Anti – FGM Campaign

Parsanka's family proudly supports Melinda Gates' Campaign #VowForGirls with a family photograph showing their ring finger vowing to eliminate FGM & child marriages. ‘My decision not to marry a cut girl saved my wife from the cut,’ Revealed Parsanka Sayianka, MCV Program Coordinator on Indigenous Rights. Parsanka Sayianka was born in Elangatta Olkaputiei, [...]

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School Campaign

Small change creates a big impact! MCV’s Change for Water Campaign allows students to participate in a coin drive to raise funds towards providing clean water for Maasai communities in East Africa. By participating in this coin drive, students will have the opportunity to make a global change. Currently, women and girls are [...]

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