School Campaign

Small change creates a big impact! MCV’s Change for Water Campaign allows students to participate in a coin drive to raise funds towards providing clean water for Maasai communities in East Africa. By participating in this coin drive, students will have the opportunity to make a global change. Currently, women and girls are [...]

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Maasai Tour in San Diego

MCV is honored to host a Maasai Tour in San Diego. Ole Sankale is MCV's Maasai cultural ambassador, musician, performer, and engaging lecturer. Sankale hosted a Maasai radio show in Kenya for 5 years. He was a media specialist for the 2017 Kenya election encouraging the Maasai to vote. Sankale is a highly [...]

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Oldule Water Project Success

MCV Clean Water Success Report Read below to learn about what comes next for MCV water programs! MCV thanks all our donors and volunteers for making clean water possible for the Oldule village, a traditional Maasai community in Amboseli, Kenya. On July 7, 2017, MCV successfully [...]

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Irkaswaa Village Water Program

Water Crisis in Amboseli, Kenya The Maasai in Amboseli, Kenya are facing severe challenges due to lack of clean water. MCV has received reports of Maasai children dying due to water-borne diseases in this area. Kenya's president declared this year's drought in 2017 a national disaster. Due to climate change and other [...]

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