MCV Participated in the Historic 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference in Kenya

Advancing Global Development and Inclusion

MCV proudly participated in the historic 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya. This landmark 69th session, taking place for the first time in Africa and the global South, gathered 2,500 participants from civil societies across 115 countries, along with United Nations entities and Member State representatives. The conference, held from May 9-10, 2024, focused on accelerating action through solidarity and people power, setting the stage for the upcoming “Pact for the Future.” Scheduled to be adopted in September 2024 during the “Summit of the Future” in New York, this critical document aims to guide global development agendas for years to come.

At the closing session of the conference in Nairobi, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and His Excellency Dr. William Samoei Ruto, President of Kenya, praised the efforts of civil society and underscored their indispensable contributions to global progress. MCV was honored to attend the conference and contribute to discussions aimed at innovating the way civil society engages with intergovernmental processes. Key issues MCV addressed included Indigenous inclusion, gender equality, and the equitable distribution of digital technology. MCV was represented by two Maasai ambassadors who highlighted important concerns and potential solutions.

The event featured keynote addresses from H.E. William Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya, and H.E. António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Their speeches emphasized the crucial role of civil society in supporting intergovernmental processes and fostering sustainable development.

“In his closing remarks, UN Secretary-General António Guterres quoted the German philosopher Jürgen Habermas, noting, ‘One of his key ideas is on intercommunication between civil society and the political realm in modern democracies: how it shapes decision-making and how it is vital to creating laws and policies that are acceptable to citizens. Civil society is an essential bridge between people and their representatives – part of the glue that holds democracies together.'”

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

“Kenyan President William Ruto outlined his government’s commitment to recognizing the civil society sector, noting that it had moved to bring the Public Benefits Organization Act into law in the country. ‘The Act now consolidates the operations of civil society into one predictable legal regime, making it easier for civil society, including those from outside of Kenya, to operate. We are determined to reinvigorate our development agenda by harnessing the organizing and advocacy power of civil society,’ he said, but stressed that it was evident that significant work lay ahead. ‘There is no room to lock others outside: Kenya remains steadfast in its commitment to a strong partnership with an empowered civil society, to advance our pursuit of a sustainable, just, and inclusive future.'”

H.E. William Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya

MCV was honored to contribute towards the Summit of the Future, to be held from September 23-24, 2024, at the UN Headquarters in New York. The conference provided a platform for civil societies to meet, organize, and contribute to the UN’s agenda in the build-up to the Summit of the Future. MCV attended several workshops at the conference, including those on peacebuilding and youth-led peace initiatives. MCV also participated in the Digital Governance and Eliminating Digital Divides ImPACT Coalition, to strengthen our programs to bridge digital divides, empower Maasai through technology, and foster collaboration among various stakeholders to ensure equal access to digital opportunities, reinforcing MCV’s commitment to global development and cooperation.