Water Crisis in Amboseli, Kenya

The Maasai in Amboseli, Kenya are facing many challenges due to lack of clean water. Kenya’s president declared this year’s drought in 2017 a national disaster. Due to climate change and other factors, the droughts are increasing and it is severely affecting the Maasai community, and the shortage of water is causing many health problems. Lack of water severely affects the livestock, reducing the number of cattle and goats which negatively impacts the communities health and economic viability.

MCV has worked in the Amboseli community for over 4 years to establish a water committees to address the issue of water. Everyone in the area, especially the women who carry the burden of searching for water, are in full consensus that we need to implement a long-term solutions to the water shortage problem in the Amboseli area.

Oldule Village

Oldule village is a Maasai community. The Maasai are one of the last remaining indigenous communities in East Africa. Oldule is the Maasai cultural chief’s village. Therefore this village is important for the Maasai people because it is one of the few villages still practicing and preserving the traditional Maasai culture.

Collecting water is a females role, many women suffer from severe spinal pain and headaches from carrying water long distances. It can take 70% of a women’s day to gather water, leaving the women hardly any time to engage in other income-generating activities, such as beadwork. Maasai girls often do not go to school, they spend their days helping their mothers carry water. This village does not have any access to latrines or electricity. Over 95% of the people live below poverty; it is estimated they are living off less than $2/ day. Livestock is the primary source of food, nutrition, and income.

Location :

Country: Kenya
Region within Country: Kaijado South District
Municipality: Loitokitok
Community: Oldule Village

Number of people who will benefit :

Number of People Directly Affected:
Approximately 1,000 people

Number of People Indirectly Affected:
Approximately 1,000 people

Our Solution

MCV Sustainable Clean Water for Life Program in Oldule village plans to install a distribution system to the water scare area by taking advantage of an existing borehole drilled approximately 1.54 km west of the Village.

Water Program Impact :

This program will highly benefit the community because access to clean water will improve the overall health of the community, eliminating diseases related to water. Everyone in the community will benefit from access to clean water, including mothers and children. With access to clean water, the women will not have to walk and carry water long distances. Mothers can engage in economic activities and increase income to care for their families. More girls will go to school to receive an education, rather than staying home to help their mothers carry water, eliminating the cycle of poverty and inequality for girls.

MCV is planning to build a Maasai Learning Center & Training Institute in this village that will also utilize the clean water for the community. Learn More – Click Here

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