Support Maasai Women through a Sustainable Water Enterprise

MCV is honored to partner with H2OpenDoors, a global initiative led by Rotary Clubs. We both share a profound commitment to providing clean water to communities, and we are excited to establish a women-led water enterprise at the Maasai Education Center. This water project is designed not only to address water access but also to create employment opportunities, all while supplying clean water to thousands of families and visitors in the region.

This water bottling plant is situated at the Maasai Education Center, a community-led initiative aimed at preserving and promoting Maasai heritage and culture. Simultaneously, it offers employment opportunities for the Maasai people in the tourism sector. Located just a few miles from the entrance of Amboseli National Park, this center provides a unique platform for the Maasai to share their rich heritage with the multitude of tourists who visit Amboseli each year.

Phase one of our water enterprise, which involved the successful installation of a filtration system, has already been completed successfully.

Now, we are actively seeking support for the next phase: drilling a deep borehole and constructing a bottling facility complete with sanitizing and filling stations for bottling, providing bottles, securing the necessary licensing for water sales, and conducting comprehensive training and installation to ensure efficient and sustainable operations.

Water Project Needs: In the year 2022, the implementation of a SunSpring water treatment system, driven by solar and wind energy, marked a significant stride towards ensuring clean water access in this region. While the system is currently functional and fulfilling its role in delivering safe water, the complete end-to-end system to enable a sustainable water enterprise run by the Massai women is not finished yet.

In order to establish the site’s viability as a Maasai-operated water enterprise, one time grant of $40,000 will provide the following:

  1. Installation of a substantial deep borehole complete with casing and a submersible solar pump.
  2. Construction of a dedicated bottling facility, equipped with sanitizing and filling stations designed for 20-liter family-sized bottles.
  3. Provision of bottles 
  4. Comprehensive installation process and training sessions for operational proficiency.

Meet Spencer: Our Hero!  

Spencer is cycling up Mount Kilimanjaro’s 19,341-foot elevation to help us launch this water program 

Spencer’s lifelong passion for the outdoors was ignited when he stood atop Mount Tallac in Lake Tahoe with his dad at the age of 8. His globe-trotting adventures nurtured a profound dedication to environmental preservation and community empowerment.

Now, Spencer is dedicating his climb to the Maasai community by embarking on a bike journey up Mount Kilimanjaro in support of their water program. Spencer’s bold endeavor involves conquering Mount Kilimanjaro’s towering 19,341-foot elevation, both on foot and bike. Our goal is to secure $1 for every foot of this ascent, channeling these funds toward the Maasai water enterprise. Furthermore, a generous donor has pledged to match these contributions, effectively doubling their impact and resulting in a total contribution of nearly $40,000 within the current year.

Join us in giving Clean Water and supporting this initiative. We’re just $7,000 shy of our target goal! Your generous support will play a pivotal role in realizing this important water project and saving lives!

We only have to raise $7,000 more to reach this goal!