Plant Trees & Give Hope

Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat climate change – When we plant trees, we plant hope! Trees are critical for our overall planetary health; trees absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, cleaning the air we breathe, it filters the water we drink, and provides habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

The Maasai live in Kenya, a country famous for its diverse wildlife and wide range of forest types that have long supported its indigenous communities. The people, wildlife, and livestock depend on Kenya’s rich ecosystems; the trees play an important environmental role, helping to mitigate floods, regulate river flow, recharge the groundwater, and purify water. Sadly, 90% of Kenya’s landscapes have experienced environmental degradation causing severe droughts. Kenya is facing the worst droughts in decades, suffering three years of failed rains. As water becomes more scarce, people face food shortages causing famine and extreme poverty. 3.1 million people in Kenya are food insecure.

“If you destroy the forest then the river will stop flowing, the rains will become irregular, the crops will fail and you will die of hunger and starvation.” Professor Wangari Maathai, Kenyan environmental activist and the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize

Planting Trees Reverses Climate Change


President of Kenya, Dr. William Ruto

Planting trees is the most scalable, deployable technology for reducing greenhouse emissions and stopping the cycle of recurring droughts. When we plant trees we bend the climate curve and restore biodiversity. This is the only way out of the crisis we have created – we must plant trees and hope for future generations!

Kenya’s President, Dr. William Ruto, launched an ambitious National Tree Growing Restoration Campaign to grow 15 billion trees in the next 10 years to ensure Kenya attains 30% national tree cover from the current 12.13% by 2032 to achieve the sustainable development goals. Planting trees will help support Kenya’s vital ecosystem, promote wildlife protection, provide food, and foster sustainable livelihoods for local communities.

“Climate change is complicating our roadmap toward socio-economic transformation and achievement of sustainable development goals, the ultimate solution includes greening our country to more than 30% of tree cover by 2032.”
~ President of Kenya, His Excellency Dr. William Ruto

Maasai Traditional Knowledge Sustains Ecosystems

Indigenous peoples play a crital role in implementing the UN sustainable development goals. Maasai communities have a holistic approach to living in nature and protecting the planet that has been passed down through generations. They have a symboitic relationship to the environment; living in balance with the ecosystems, and are able to implement sustainable land-use management plans based on Traditional Knowledge to protect the critical ecosystems and biological diversity that support the livelihoods of the people, birds, and wildlife.

MCV has been working with the Maasai to improve livelihoods and safeguard their Traditional Knowledge for almost 15 years. MCV is eager to support Kenya’s President, Dr. William Ruto’s movement by continung to work with the Maasai to restore the ecosystems by planting medicinal and fruit trees, as well as support Maasai community gardens for food security.

With your support, MCV will support Maasai women in growing trees and community gardens providing a win-win situation for ecological restoration and economic empowerment for Maasai women.

The Maasai depend on the trees for food and for medicine. Trees and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines around the world. 

Have you ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree!

Positive Impact of Planting Trees

Give Generously for our Planet’s Future

Your donation will go towards planting medicinal and fruit trees, as well as community gardens for food security and providing Maasai women with jobs to restore and protect their natural environment. 

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