The actions we take now are critical to protecting the Maasai

COVID-19 spares no culture but is extremely hard on underserved populations.  The Maasai are already fighting to preserve their ancient culture, but with the introduction of COVID-19, they must now battle the rapid spread of this deadly virus. The Maasai have always relied on each other to solve problems; currently they are confronting COVID-19 on top of other life challenging factors such as chronic poverty, inadequate health care, illiteracy and a lack of running water. Now some Maasai are finding creative ways to cope and educate their community – including using music.

Why did we choose music to raise awareness on COVID-19?

The Maasai honor a verbal culture therefore music and radio continue to be the medium of choice for the marginalized Maasai communities. Music is an effective means of communication because it is popular in the Maasai community and the messages it conveys are easily remembered. Information from the Government’s health agency is either in Swahili or English – whereas not all Maasai people are versatile in these two languages. Music is more effective when used to convey messages in the Maasai native language to educate them on COVID-19, it can reach the illiterate and be life-saving. Musa Nkonyoyo is a popular Maasai musician. He is crafting a powerful Maasai song to educate his community on preventive measures to protect his community from COVID-19 using the symbolism of a lion. The Maasai elders are using the lion as a metaphor to teach the community, stating that the lion is always there waiting to strike when least expected, much like COVID-19.

With your support, MCV will utilize music as a frontline response to educate Maasai communities on COVID-19 prevention while providing masks. food relief, sanitation training and essential supplies. 

Will you support the Maasai during COVID?

We are seeking donors to sponsor a village with COVID-19 relief and prevention education. The money raised will provide COVID-19 education through Maasai music, educational training and brochures in Maa language, masks, food relief, handwashing stations, and sanitation equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Our goal is to reach as many Maasai villages as we can, reaching approximately 500+ Maasai people in each village with COVID-19 prevention education and supplies needed to safeguard them through the pandemic. Once we educate and equip 500 people in each village, they will educate their neighbors.
Any additional funds raised will go to more radio airplay (Awareness) and village PPE (Protection).

1 Maasai Family

$100Per family
  • COVID-19 Education
  • Sanitation Training
  • 1 Mask
  • Feed 1 Family for a Month
  • 1 Handwashing Station Set-Up with Soap

500+ Maasai People (1 Village)

$5,000Reach 500+ People in a Village
  • COVID-19 Education For Entire Village
  • Sanitation Training for Entire Village
  • 500 Masks
  • Feed 50 Families (500+ people) for 1 Month
  • 50 Homes Install Handwashing Stations & Soap
  • Radio Play 1 Month : COVID Song

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Donation Total: $500

Budget Per Village

Cost to sponsor a village of 500+ people: $5,000

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Meet Our Team Making COVID Music

Musa Nkonyoyo Maasai Musician Well known Kenya singer and primary composer of the Corona Lion song, has released 3 albums. Learn More… 

Morris Pleasure Composer, Singer, Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist World-renowned musician and producer for Ray Charles, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, and more. Learn More… 

Jimi Randolph Audio Engineer World-renowned musician and producer for Arianna Grande, Earth Wind and Fire, Justin Timberlake as well as TV productions. Learn More…

Michael James Project Manager My Chosen Vessels project manager that has been working alongside the Maasai for years. Learn More… 

Jessica Censotti MCV President / Founder  MCV founder that has been working with the Maasai for over a decade to document and safeguard Maasai culture and implement numerous community-driven humanitarian projects. Learn More…