Kenya Trip Participant Form

We’re excited to plan our upcoming Kenya trip and value your input. Share your thoughts, expectations, and preferences by filling out the form below. Your insights will help us tailor this experience just for you. Let’s make this journey unforgettable together! We thank you for your support for the Maasai and traveling¬† to Kenya to make a difference!

Briefly explain your enthusiasm and motivation for participating in this trip.
Share your specific interests and what you hope to gain from the cultural experience in Kenya, especially in your interactions with the Maasai community.
Reflect on the potential personal growth, cultural understanding, or other positive impacts you anticipate from this experience.
Is there a particular project or area of interest you would like to focus on while interacting with the Maasai in Kenya?
Please select a day to come After School to Canyon Crest Academy for a meeting and film session about your trip.