Small change creates a big impact! MCV’s Change for Water Campaign allows students to participate in a coin drive to raise funds towards providing clean water for Maasai communities in East Africa.

By participating in this coin drive, students will have the opportunity to make a global change. Currently, women and girls are walking 12 miles to collect water in Amboseli, Kenya. The shortage of water is causing many health problems and even deaths in children. This water project will improve the health of Maasai children and allow girls to go to school to receive an education, rather than spending their days fetching water.

Collecting coins throughout your school will allow MCV to install a clean water distribution system at an elementary school to provide water to 3,000 Maasai people in Amboseli, Kenya.

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Resources for Educators

  • Containers for Collecting Change

  • Posters to Display at School

  • Flyers

  • Bookmarks

  • Letters to Parents and Teachers

Invite a Maasai Warrior to Your School

Invite a Maasai storyteller to your school to inspire your students and faculty to participate in the coin drive. MCV’s Maasai cultural ambassador, Ole Sankale, is an engaging musician, performer, and inspirational storyteller. Sankale hosted a Maasai radio show in Kenya for 5 years, he is a highly knowledgeable warrior about traditional and modern Maasai culture. He engages crowds of all ages to sing, dance and become inspired to make a global impact to solve the water crisis.

Maasai Storytelling Rates

Non-Profits & Schools (Without Change Fundraising)

$500Per Day
  • Maasai Performance (Without Fundraising)

Non-Profits & Schools (With Change Fundraising)

$300Per Day
  • Maasai Performance (With Fundraising)

 Custom rates are available upon request.  

MCV is a Not-For-Profit, Tax-Exempt Organization. Your contributions fund our water programs for the Maasai.


This campaign is for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, libraries, and churches who want to make a global change.

If you are interested, call #844-628-1414 or email