Feminine Power 20×16



  • Photographer: Jessica Censotti
  • Digital Artist: Sarah Lester (c)2017

Your image will come on a 20×16 Canvas .75″ Thin Gallery Frame for wall mounting.

With the purchase of this image you will be investing in more than just art:

  1. The creation of more art and stories being told
  2. The creation of Maasai Learning Center and Training Institute
  3. The creation of Water Wells in Kenya to help save Maasai people



“Feminine Power”


With a direct stare she looks into your soul as if she was the one who changed your diapers during the infancy of your stardust. Her strong spirit cemented with life struggling for years fighting an ageless battle of survival. Draped in the beauty of her culture, she is proud of her heritage of community roles regardless of her laboring away for simplicities only water can bring.

“Feminine Power” is atomic brightness of a sun offering strength in her divine leadership as she brings life to her circle persevering through darkness of the hopelessness of moistened land. She is the power in us all crusading this life while enduring austerity. Regardless of the perception of what burdens our individual lives are, her feminine power is the mirror image of our strength through pain looking right back at us. – Sarah Lester

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 4 in