Cosmic Force 16×20



  • Photographer: Jessica Censotti
  • Digital Artist: Sarah Lester (c)2017

Your image will come on a 16×20 Canvas .75″ Thin Gallery Frame for wall mounting.

With the purchase of this image you will be investing in more than just art:

  1. The creation of more art and stories being told
  2. The creation of Maasai Learning Center and Training Institute
  3. The creation of Water Wells in Kenya to help save Maasai people



“Cosmic Force”


We are a balance between light and dark continuously fighting daunting disparity placed upon our existence by simply trying to subsist. We have two choices: to lay down and die or stand up and fight. Regardless of where we are at in our separate lives, the world, or the cosmos energy to create hope is in us all. Shining like the radiance of a sun is what furnishes humanity with creation’s unassuming beauty found in the splendor of every movement of our existence.

“Cosmic Force” visually describes tenacity found in all of us through affliction with intangible thirst while remaining benevolent toward tenderness for the universe. With fire and passion from warrior vigor we obtain, through self-reflection and oneness with our surrounding world, tools necessary to shape our collective environment creating an example of greatness only humans can bring out in each other. – Sarah Lester

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 18 × 22 × 3 in