Circle in the Sand 20×16



  • Photographer: Jessica Censotti
  • Digital Artist: Sarah Lester (c)2017

Your image will come on a 20×16″ Canvas .75″ Thin Gallery Frame for wall mounting.

With the purchase of this image you will be investing in more than just art:

  1. The creation of more art and stories being told
  2. The creation of Maasai Learning Center and Training Institute
  3. The creation of Water Wells in Kenya to help save Maasai people



“Circle in the Sand”


Coming together through philosophy flooding our veins with antiquity provides a body of infrastructure stronger than steel. Explorations for happiness has defied paramount joys through advancements of technology. Anthems of dance with shared minds is unfathomable to those who trade unadorned simplicities for consumerism. When groups unite creating quantum convictions, the singular soul abandons lustrous plastic objects providing no sustainability. Inventions the modern man puts stock in cast murkiness on commodore and community.

“Circle in the Sand” exhibits the felicity of simple moments swathed with reverie of simplistic times in humanity where store bought joys to fill a void only reverberation of song and dance can offer did not exist. Cast in hues of a washed away era, a tribe of men express elation for the spirit of life and safety found in brotherhood. Families are formed through common bond and not blood are respects the modern man should remember. – Sarah Lester

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 3 in