Cherub Smiles 7×5



  • Photographer: Jessica Censotti
  • Digital Artist: Sarah Lester (c)2017

Your image will come on a 7×5 Canvas .75″ Thin Gallery Frame for wall mounting.

With the purchase of this image you will be investing in more than just art:

  1. The creation of more art and stories being told
  2. The creation of Maasai Learning Center and Training Institute
  3. The creation of Water Wells in Kenya to help save Maasai people



“Cherub Smiles”


Notwithstanding our differences, every person identifies with the purity of childhood. Children’s lives define the fate of our civilization, an indication of who we are as we enter transcendent adulthood. Each child born is of this earth. As humans we are to demonstrate compassion for all life encompassed by every vessel without discriminating against any physical or geographical separation. A child’s beam giftwraps imagination’s treasured magnitude of fantasies found only though adolescent eyes. Before experiencing finite disappointment, as children, we are filled with infinite hope for possibilities our imaginations open. The sounds of laughter reverberate as children find contentment in unadulterated existence singing celestial praises of an elementary life we tend to forget when reaching the age of majority.

“Cherub Smiles” is shrouded with golden rays of glory narrating back to the beginnings of our universe. Floral textures bring forth nature’s chastity crowning a souvenir of what rests in shadows of all we currently recognize. Undefined by common blood, coming together as brother and sister in spirit children teach us how we should exist without pretentiousness. – Sarah Lester

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 2 in